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What is Dental IV Sedation?

Dentist treating patientBecause Dental IV Sedation administers medicine directly into the blood system, the effect of the medicine is seen very quickly, allowing the doctor to adjust the sedation to an appropriate level for the patient and the procedure, reducing the risk of complications and side effects.

Although most patients remain partially conscious throughout the procedure, many times they have little or no memory of the procedure when IV sedation is used. IV sedation is often used by dentists for oral surgery procedures like implant surgery or wisdom tooth removal to help patients relax during treatment that might be long or otherwise stressful.

The Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

Some of the benefits of IV sedation dentistry include:

  • Offers a Higher Level of Sedation – IV sedation offers a higher level of sedation than oral sedation or nitrous oxide sedation.
  • Works Very Rapidly – Because the medication is administered intravenously, it takes effect quickly. Oral sedatives may take an hour or more to act.
  • Rapid Recovery – Patients usually have a shorter recovery time with IV sedation than they do with oral sedation or general anesthesia.
  • Works for Severe Anxiety – Even patients dealing with severe anxiety can benefit from IV sedation, since it achieves a high level of sedation.
  • Retrograde Amnesia – Amnesia, or the inability to remember, is a common side effect of the medications used for IV sedation, so patients rarely remember the dental procedure.
  • Lowered Gag Reflex – For patients with a severe gag reflex, the IV sedation can help to make dental treatment easier by suppressing that reflex.
  • Patients are Able to Cooperate – Patients stay conscious during this type of sedation, making it possible to check the bite and accomplish other tasks that are helpful during treatment.