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Denture Relines in Mooresville

Custom full dentureWhile dentures wear very little on the “tissue” side of the denture, the jawbone constantly shrinks after the teeth are missing, and a gap forms between the denture and the jawbone, resulting in a poor fit that continues to worsen with time.The only way known at the present time to adjust for this gap and improve the fit from time to time is called a denture reline.

A denture reline is simply filling the gap between the denture and the tissue with more denture material. This is accomplished at the dentist’s office, and then processed at a dental laboratory, so that the denture and the reline become completely bonded together. The reline material may have a slightly different color than the original denture, but it is not noticeable when the denture is in the mouth.

Every person’s tolerance for looseness of their denture is different, and every person’s jawbone shrinks at a different rate. In addition, for any given person, their jawbone will shrink more rapidly immediately after their extractions than after time has passed. Add to this that weight loss or gain, monthly menstrual cycles, and changes in medications may all affect the fit of dentures. For these reasons, it is hard to predict the necessity or frequency of need for relines for any given person. Typically, relines are expected about six months after tooth removal, then about six months after that, and then about every two to four years after that.

Dentures usually need to be replaced after one or two relines. If you aren’t happy with your dentures, for whatever reason, call 704-639-1330 and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Keadle, and he will help you decide the option that is right for you.