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Solutions for Denture Problems

Technician crafting dentureIf you have a denture, and you have problems… Well, we’re not surprised.

Most people who wear dentures eventually have problems with those dentures. When dentures do fit, it usually isn’t for very long, because everyone who has dentures also has gradual shrinkage of their jawbone.

Most of the time, denture wearers call New Smile Carolina because they have never been happy with their dentures from Day One, for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the very legitimate complaints that are heard on a daily basis:


1. I can’t eat well or enjoy my food.

2. I can’t eat the foods I want to eat.

3. I can’t eat foods that are healthy.

4. I hate worrying that my denture will come out or loose when:

  • I’m at a restaurant.
  • I’m with my spouse.
  • I’m at work, speaking to customers or co-workers.
  • Just about all the time.

5. The plastic in the roof of my mouth…

  • Makes me gag.
  • Makes me salivate all the time.
  • Keeps me from tasting food.
  • Affects my speech.

6. The plastic in front of my teeth makes my lip bulge out.

7. I don’t like the way the teeth look because:

  • The smile line is “frowny”, instead of “smiley”.
  • The teeth are the wrong shape.
  • The teeth are the wrong size.
  • The teeth are the wrong shade.
  • The teeth don’t have a “natural” setup.

8. The denture hurts because:

  • It moves around when I eat.
  • It has a high spot somewhere that rubs.
  • The edges are too long.
  • The edges are too sharp.

If you are in this category, then the team at New Smile Carolina has two very popular options that can help make these problems better or eliminate them entirely using dental implants.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

The first method is called an All on Four Implant Bridge, and is often referred to as All-on-4, or All on Four Permanent Teeth, or Teeth in a Day. Whatever you call it, the results are amazing. The All on Four Implant Bridge uses four dental implants per jawbone to replace the root structure of the missing teeth, and then places a fixed set of replacement teeth on the dental implants. Like natural teeth, the All on Four Implant Bridge is not removable from the mouth. Also like natural teeth, the All on Four Implant Bridge transmits the force of biting directly into the jawbone, instead of pressing on the gum tissue. There is no plastic piece in the roof of the mouth to cause gagging, and there is no chance of it coming out while speaking, eating, or doing anything else you can think of. The placement of the dental implants and the conversion of a denture into an All on Four Implant Bridge is usually accomplished all in the same procedure on the same day, and usually general anesthesia is utilized to ensure patient comfort and safety.

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Snap In Implant Dentures

The Snap-In Implant-Retained Denture is the other technique that utilizes dental implants to improve the situation for dissatisfied denture wearers. The Snap-In Implant-Retained Denture uses only two dental implants, and provides a method by which a denture can be held in place during use. This typically brings a significant improvement to the problems associated with the pain and embarrassment caused when dentures move during function. In addition, the plastic palate can usually be removed, which relieves the gagging problem and often helps with speech. Implant placement surgery for Snap-In Implant-Retained Dentures usually takes less than one hour, and for most patients no sedation is required. For those with dental anxiety, oral sedation or IV sedation are also good options.

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Denture Repairs & Relines

If it’s just a fit problem, and there are no other problems with the denture, New Smile Carolina can simply perform a denture reline, which restores the fit (at least until the jawbone shrinks again). This is a relatively low cost procedure, and doesn’t usually take more than two visits to the office.

If it’s just a tooth missing or a piece of the denture is broken, and in that case, a denture repair may be all that is necessary. This is also relatively low cost, and usually takes two visits to the office.

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Custom Dentures

Sometimes, a denture that had been perfectly acceptable to the patient is just “worn out”. After a few years of use, the teeth on the denture can wear down, and after a reline or two the structure of the denture may be mechanically compromised. In this case, the team at New Smile Carolina can make a new custom denture to replace the worn out one. This costs a little more than a reline or repair, and usually takes four visits to the office to make sure it’s just right.

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Mini Dental Implants

Many patients (especially older ones) worry that they don’t have enough healthy jawbone left to accommodate the placement of dental implants. Thankfully, mini dental implants are available to anchor dentures in place successfully. Because of their smaller size, mini dental implants only require a minimal amount of jawbone structure to function, and they can even be outfitted to accommodate your existing denture.

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