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Cosmetic Tooth Replacement & Implants in Mooresville


Have Bad or Missing Teeth?

Animation of implant supported dental crownIf you have a tooth that needs fixed, or looks like maybe it can’t be fixed… Don’t worry. If anyone can fix it, Dr. Keadle can. Fixing a badly broken down or chipped tooth may involve repairing it with a cosmetic all-ceramic crown, which looks and feels exactly like your original tooth. This may take one visit, or two visits, depending upon the circumstance, and usually takes about an hour at New Smile Carolina. Most everyone tolerates the procedure well without sedation, but of course oral sedation and IV sedation is available for those who prefer it.


When faced with advanced decay or a traumatic injury, Dr. Keadle may find that what is best for the patient’s ongoing oral health and overall wellbeing is the extraction of one or more teeth. Rest assured that our team will handle this process as comfortably as possible; in fact, New Smile Carolina offers several sedation dentistry services (including nitrous oxide, IV sedation, general anesthesia, and more) to create a relaxed, pain-free experience. Dr. Keadle will also start working with you right away in order to determine the best choice for replacing your missing teeth. After all, we want any time spent without a complete smile to be as minimal as possible!

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Single Tooth Implant

A dental implant is one good way to replace a tooth. This involves replacing the original root of the tooth with a surgically implanted titanium root, and then placing a beautiful all-ceramic crown on the implanted root. The initial surgical implant placement is minimally invasive, lasts about an hour, and is usually performed without the need for sedation, although patients with dental anxiety may choose oral sedation or IV sedation if needed.

What is a Dental Implant?

Tooth Bridges

A tooth bridge is another good way to replace a tooth. This method generally requires at least two teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, and utilizes cosmetic all-ceramic crowns on the adjacent teeth to gather root support for the tooth being replaced.

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Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a type of removable prosthetic that can be used to replace multiple missing teeth while fitting in seamlessly with a patient’s remaining teeth. It can be thought of as the missing piece of a puzzle. Partial dentures consist of ceramic teeth attached to a realistic-looking gum-colored base, and they can be made to fit anyone’s unique dentition. They are traditionally held in place using small metal clasps that attach to neighboring teeth, but dental implants can also be used to provide additional security.

The two methods each have their advantages and disadvantages. The best way to find out what options are right for you is to call 704-639-1330 and make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Keadle.