Restorative Dentistry in Mooresville

At New Smile Carolina, we have the technology, variety of services, and knowledgeable dental practitioners to renew even the most damaged smiles. If you’re suffering from tooth decay, dental trauma, or mouth pain, it may be hard to consider smiling, but our team is here to restore your oral health and beautiful smile.

Missing Teeth

For patients missing one or more teeth, replacement is essential to maintaining oral health. Even a single missing tooth increases patients’ risk for gum disease, bite misalignment, decreased bone density and gum tissue volume, and further tooth loss. Our tooth replacement options offer comfortable, affordable, beautiful results for patients with any number of missing teeth including fixed bridges, full and partial dentures, and dental implant-retained replacement teeth.

Tooth Extractions

Our practice emphasizes preventing dental health concerns and preserving natural dentition whenever possible, but there are times tooth extraction is necessary. In these cases, we offer patients not just increased comfort and superior service but tooth replacement options, so patients’ smiles are made complete right away. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth because most jaws are not large enough to accommodate this third set of molars. Other reasons for tooth removal include severe deterioration, infection, or gum disease. New Smile Carolina offers both surgical tooth removal, and minimally invasive extractions. Dr. Keadle is known for his bedside manner, gentle treatment, and comfortable extraction.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

If you’ve experienced dental trauma, restoring your beautiful smile may be the last thing on your mind, but when you’re ready to rebuild your bite, call New Smile Carolina. We offer the widest variety of restorative dentistry services to rebuild the most damaged smiles. Full-mouth reconstruction plans may involve any combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, and completing treatment can take years in severe cases. The good news is that whatever your situation, our Mooresville dental team can get your smile back.

Restorative Dentistry Services Include

We offer a wide array of dentistry services, but we know there’s no one-size-fits all solution to smile restoration. The New Smile Carolina team works one-on-one with patients to determine what restorative treatments are right in specific situations. Some of the restorative dentistry services we offer include:

Find Out More from Your Restorative Dentist Mooresville

If you’re in need of root canal therapy, tooth replacement, or any of our general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry services, don’t hesitate to contact New Smile Carolina. Our skilled dental team are here to help. No matter how severe the dental damage, we offer a variety of restorative dentistry options to meet your needs, schedule, and budget.

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